Seven-chakra-balancing pendant, Yin & Yang symbol charm

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Seven-chakra-balancing wire wrapped pendant with necklace, with chakra gemstones, with Yin & Yang mantra symbol charm, handcrafted wire clasp, chakra jewelry

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“Yin & Yang” Handmade seven-chakra-balancing wire wrapped pendant
– with chakra gemstones,
– with “Yin & Yang” symbol charm pendant,
– with short silver plated necklace,
– with handcrafted wire hooks (2pcs).

Made with Silver plated wire (copper base). Unique handcrafted chakra jewellery.
Sample on pictures, your piece will be similar, customised to your choice.
Must be pre-ordered, you will receive images of your own piece.

This chakra pendant contains the following stones:

Root Chakra: red coral
Sacral Chakra: orange carnelian
Solar Plexus Chakra: yellow citrine
Heart Chakra: green jade
Throat Chakra: blue sodalite
Third Eye Chakra: purple amethyst
Crown Chakra: Crystal Rock / Clear quartz

The same model is available with “Om mantra” symbol charm pendant (see among my other items).
You can also order yours with other types of gemstones, focusing on a certain chakra / zodiac sign / healing feature (Garnet, Coral, Fluorite, Aventurine, Jade, Jasper, Carnelian, Rhodochrosite, Citrine, Chrysocolla, Prehnite, Rutilated Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Labradorite, Agate, Amber, Howlite, Onyx, Mookaite….) – just send me a convo 🙂


For further questions, please feel free to contact me, I am always happy to help 🙂

What is chakra jewellery?

It helps us to ensure the consistent flow of chakra energy, as well as balanced operation of the chakras. It can also help to convert everyday stress and distraction into calmness and serenity. It cleanses the mind, helps in relaxation, but also provides us alertness.

What is ‘Chakra’?

In certain parts of the body, at seven points, energy flows more concentrated.
These energy centres, located along the spinal column, are called “chakras” in Sanskrit words. The chakras are the symbols of the wheel of life, and are compared to lotus petals.

Each of the seven chakras are connected with an organ, a colour or colours, certain emotions, abilities and specific symbols.
They are located in the central line of the body, and represent higher mental level, increasingly bottom up.
The significance of chakras is tremendous: according to oriental medicine, unobstructed energy flow in the body and chakras, is essential for a healthy and harmonious operation of the body.
Any accumulated surplus or lack of energy in different levels of the body can lead to disease.

The chakras are assigned to several gemstones:
Crown Chakra: amethyst, rock crystal
Third eye chakra: lapis lazuli, sodalite, iolite
Throat Chakra: aquamarine, chalcedony, chrysocolla, turquoise, lapis lazuli
Heart Chakra: aventurine, malachite, jade, peridot
Solar Plexus chakra: amber, citrine, tiger’s eye
Sacral / sex chakra: moonstone, carnelian, amber
Root Chakra: coral, garnet, red jasper

How do they work, how do they affect us?

Our spiritual, emotional and physical health is depending on the harmonious functioning of our chakras.
The chakras take energy from our environment. Therefore, in case of disharmony, we can restore the original balanced condition of our chakras, with the energy of gemstones harmonising the chakras.

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