Long necklace, Ajna / Third Eye Chakra symbol, purple Amethyst

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Long lariat necklace, Ajna / Third Eye Chakra symbol pendant, purple Amethyst gemstones. Boho, simple, minimalist. Chakra balance: Simply scroll down for description, check out if this one is for you.

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Unique Boho, simple, minimalist style handmade lariat necklace, with
– large minimalist third eye chakra symbol pendant / charm, size: 3.1cm x 2.7cm (1 2/8″ x 1 1/8″) – 29mm x 23mm (1 1/8″ x 7/8″), thickness: 1.9mm, material: zinc alloy metal, lead and nickel safe
– Ajna / Third Eye / Forehead Chakra stones: purple Amethyst gemstone beads – February birthstone
– wire: Silver plated with copper core
– long chain necklace (Silver plated)

Chakra balance: Simply scroll down for description, check out if this one is for you. 🙂

Can be customized according to your request:
– Hook can be applied, several types: silver plated, allergen-free (surgical steel or rhodium plated copper clasp), or for extra cost: .925 Silver (Sterling or Argentium).
– necklace can be replaced with other, choose by colour or material: leather, cord, organza, thinner chain necklace…
Length can be customized after purchase.
The one on pictures is ready to ship, other pieces will be similar (customised to your choice). Available with other chakras too, at my Etsy shop – see last image.
For further questions, please feel free to contact me, I am always happy to help.

About the Sixth Chakra, Ajna / Third Eye / Forehead Chakra:

Colour: violet, indigo or purple, bluish purple.
Symbol: It is symbolised by a lotus flower with two petals, with the upside down triangle inside.
Location: on the forehead between the eyebrows, slightly above at the bridge of your nose.
Meaning: the center of intuition and foresight.

The function of the third eye chakra is driven by the principle of openness and imagination.
It is the centre of psychic power and higher intuition. It assists in the purification of negative tendencies and the elimination of selfish attitudes. It is the center where we transcend duality – the duality of a personal “I” separate from the rest of the world, of a personality that exists independently from everything else.

Behavioral characteristics of the Third eye chakra

The chakra is associated with the following psychological and behavioral characteristics:
– Vision
– Intuition
– Perception of subtle dimensions and movements of energy
– Psychic abilities related to clairvoyance and clairaudience especially
– Access to mystical states, illumination
– Connection to wisdom, insight
– Motivates inspiration and creativity

The third eye chakra is an instrument to perceive the more subtle qualities of reality. It goes beyond the physical senses into the realm of subtle energies. Awakening your third eye allows you to open up to an intuitive sensibility and inner perception.
Because it connects us with a different way of seeing and perceiving, the third eye chakra’s images are often hard to describe verbally. It puts us in touch with the ineffable and the intangible more closely. Third eye visions are also often more subtle than regular visions: They may appear a bit “blurry”, ghost-like, cloudy, or dream-like. Sometimes however, the inner visions might be clear like a movie playing in front of your eyes.

Sustaining awareness of third eye chakra energy might require focus and the ability to relax into a different way of seeing. When we focus our mind and consciousness, we can see beyond the distractions and illusions that stand before us and have more insight to live and create more deeply aligned with our highest good.
When energy flows freely, one’s understanding becomes broad and deep. Such an individual sees themselves and the world clearly and can rely on their own intuitive sense.

When the chakra has an imbalance, it can manifest as:
– Feeling stuck in the daily grind without being able to look beyond your problems and set a guiding vision for yourself
– Not being able to establish a vision for oneself and realize it
– Rejection of everything spiritual or beyond the usual
– Not being able to see the greater picture
– Lack of clarity
– Overactive, without support from the rest of the chakra system: fantasies that appear more real than reality, indulgence in psychic fantasies and illusions

The Third eye chakra is associated to the pineal gland in charge of regulating biorhythms, including sleep and wake time. It’s positioned close to the optical nerves, and as such, sensitive to visual stimulations and changes in lighting. It is linked to the eyes, nose, face and senses.

Stones associated: Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Sapphire, Fluorite.

Sources: Dr Gaynor du Perez, Chakras.info, Wikipedia.

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