White pearl earrings: allergen free

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Earrings with white cultured freshwater pearls and large oval shape metal connectors, allergen-free hooks. June birthstone.

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Handcrafted earrings with
– small round shape white cultured freshwater pearls wired with rhodium plated copper head pins,
– large oval shape silver color metal connectors,
– allergen free rhodium plated hooks (can be replaced with surgical steel or .925 Sterling Silver hooks)

Very pretty handmade jewellery.
Such a perfect gift idea! 🙂
A good choice for the bride, or bridesmaids, too.

June birthstone.
Pearl is a feminine talisman, as well as a talisman of arts, inspiration and spiritual perfection.
Spiritual properties: grants to its wearer extraordinary foresight, protects from risky commercial transactions, and from evil eye, white pearl brings freedom.
Healing properties: lowers acidity, beneficial for heart, lungs, kidneys, urinary system, liver, boosts sexual energy, strengthens visual acuity, helps ear problems, possesses sedative effect, raises sensuality.
Chakras: Solar Plexus and Crown Chakra.

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