‘AMAZON’ Statement necklace: large chrysocolla, lava stone

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AMAZON – Statement necklace with large colored green blue black round chrysocolla gemstones, lava stones, with wire technique.

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Exclusive statement necklace with huge flat round dyed and polished chrysocolla gemstones in green blue black colors, and black lava stones with its raw and sponge-like texture. This is a very harmonious contrast between the colors and textures of the two stone types.
The beads are connected with wire technique.
Made with Silver plated copper wire, with allergen-free rhodium plated copper dolphin clasp.
Clasp can be replaced with .925 Sterling Silver or surgical steel clasp, too!

Very unique, single piece with a stunning statement look.

A unique gift idea. ARRIVES IN GIFT BOX.

The stones:

– Zodiac Stone of Sagittarius
– Chakra stone of Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra
– Natural Birthstone: turquoise color of those born as spring begins (20 March to 19 April), blue color of those born before the vernal equinox and spring (February 1 – March 19)
– brings you discovery and balance. Their vibrations help you find yourself and return to equilibrium.

Lava stone:
– known for its grounding qualities, calming the emotions.
– for balancing and grounding the root chakra (strong connection to the earth and its creation within the center of Earth)
– eliminates electrosmog

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