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Cincopa video hosting solution for your website. Another great product from Cincopa Send Files.

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Personalized jwewlry as gifts – it works! 🙂

We all want to find the most beautiful surprise for birthdays, important holidays (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day…), and other special occasions as well, for example anniversaries, graduation, etc…
Many people stand helpless and desperate, some are even postponing to make the decision until the last minute, thinking: what might the best for the recipient’s taste?
You might feel unsure, looking around the shops or spend hours on the net, trying to select among the many super-bargain offers – making you uncertain, and it could happen that you lose the joy of giving as well as your patience. In these cases, those standard, ‘fast and simple’ solutions come in, such as chocolate, perfume, flowers, ties…
What you often do not think about, that it is not such a difficult choice after all. 🙂

Do you want to find a gift that is not only beautiful, unique but even has positive effects on the recipient’s life in different ways (business or personal life), with giving physical, mental, spiritual, health support?


Regardless of gender or age, everyone loves jewellery that matches their own tastes. Unique, one-of-a-kind personalized pieces that fits the occasion and their style, perfectly highlighting the appearance of the person and the importance of the occasion.
Anyone who prefers wearing accessories, certainly will be satisfied, should they be characterised like moderate, elegant, cool, eccentric, young, Boho & playful in style…
Find a perfect solution for these purposes with me – or surprise yourself with one! 😉

Upon request, some of the metal parts of my jewelry can be replaced with allergen-free materials, such as rhodium plated or surgical steel, except for wire jewelry: they are covered with protective layer. Approved and tested: based on customer feedback, they are friendly to very sensitive skin, so those suffering of metal allergy can safely wear them. Please let me know in advance. 🙂

“Dharma”-jewelry are recognised as having their own unique look and design features in addition to artisan craftsmanship. Materials are selected after a thorough research, trying to give rather rare minerals and / or individual shapes. Even when using more common materials, my goal is still uniqueness and special appearance of the product, instead of copying an instantly available mass-product that can be found at many places – so that the owner can be sure that the jewelry worn is unique, one-of-a-kind piece, and certainly will not see others wearing the same piece.

How to choose?
A typical characteristic of some of my customers is: making a conscious choice. According to my experiences, many people are aware of what they are looking for, such as the stone’s therapeutic effect, the positive attributes to the chakras, birthstones, stones of the zodiac sign. Still, many customers ask my help in choosing the right stone – do not worry, we always find the most suitable one. 🙂
You can always choose from my current stock at online marketplaces, but I am also pleased to meet individual requests, should available supplies meet customer needs.
Should you need further assistance or more information, please take your time to thoroughly check the background information provided in the menu bar, or contact me directly to help you make the right choice.

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“This necklace is so pretty on. The variation of colors gives it a nice pop and dimension. The pendant is the perfect size and doesn’t pull on the strand. The seller was so nice. She shortened it at my request. Great communication, it was packaged well and I received it quickly. Thanks!” lcweeks, United States

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