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Colour Trends – Spring 2016

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Please do not be mad – this year, I am a little late with my article, I hope it is not too late 😉

Colour Trends – Spring 2016:

Annually, specialists of Pantone Institute unveil the season’s trendiest shades that determine the evolution of fashion as well.
PANTONE Fashion Colour Report Spring 2016: This season, designers were mainly attracted to the soothing tones of the palette.
The key words are: escape from the modern technology „overtaking” the world – chill-out, relax, worship nature; “Tranquility, relaxation” and “curiosity-discovery”; Matisse, Picasso, Cuba, travel, lush vegetation, unexpected combinations, playful and bold colours combined with classic and natural “overtones”.
(Source: Pantone Color Institute®)


Being a jewellery designer, I keep on trying to show the current trend’s colours in my jewellery. Seeing this year’s catchy colour palette, it is a simple decision – again. 😉 (Thanks to the magical appearance of gemstones.)

So, how to wear these fabulous tones as trendy gemstone jewellery? This way:


One of my favourites, pink Rose Quartz was given an exclusive role (“Rose Quartz”), and what makes it very up-to-date NOW: it is not only a trendy spring colour, but also the birthstone of the current zodiac sign! (no. 7.: rose quartz pendant wire)

The second gemstone that immediately caught my attention: Labradorite (“Lilac Gray”). (no. 2: labradorite cabochon wire pendant)

Not an issue: “Fiesta” and “Peach Echo” can be found in well-selected tones of Coral or Carnelian. (no. 8: painted lava rock pendant, no. 10.: carnelian and agate necklace)

Depending on the exact shade, deep blue Lapis Lazuli or Iolit makes a good match ( “Snorkel Blue”). (no. 5: painted blue coral cubes, men’s necklace)

I always loved the extraordinary tone of Amazonite. I place it myself somewhere between Aquamarine and Turquoise – this stone is also a good example (“Limpet Shell”). (no. 6: Amazonite wire ring)

Although I have not made jewelry out of it yet, Chrisophrase is also on the „to-do” list (“Green Flash”). (I tried to find something similar from earlier – no. 4.: dyed agate pendant and ocean jasper necklace)

“Buttercup” shade might be a bit more difficult to reach with Citrine, but Amber seems more easy (not transparent, vanilla and honey colors). (no. 9: citrine wire pendant)

“Serenity” as a shade can be found in Aquamarine, Blue Lace Agate / Chalcedony, to be chosen skillfully of course. (no. 3: chalcedony pendant)

“Iced coffee” – it is less obvious, but it is not too complicated, either: After careful selection, Botswana Agate, different kinds of Jasper (picture jasper, cappuccino jasper, mookaite) also do it very well. (no. 1: picture jasper necklace)

Let us see, what this season brings! 😉

Viktoria Bréda

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